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Malden high~ home of the golden tornadoes.


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MALDEN HIGH : HoMe oF tHe bLuE aNd GoLd!!!
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this community was made for any current students or alumni at Malden high school, in HISTORIC malden, massachusetts!

It is to be expected that you dont post any of the following:
hazing of any kind
slurs of any kind (i.e: ethnic slurs, gay bashing, etc)
nude photographs (especially of ms kwong)

And Just Have FUN!

Moderated by : moulinrougegeek

a house, agenda books, b house, balcony, band geeks, boyle building, brunelli house, c house, cafe a, cafe b, cheering, d house, dana brown, drama geeks, dunkin donuts, good times, graduation, gym class, holland house, immigrants, jenkins auditorium, jenkins house, junior varieties, jv, lockbox, malden, malden cheerleading, malden choral arts, malden field hockey, malden football, malden high, malden hockey, malden public schools, malden softball, malden track, mc high mc low..., mhs, mid-life crisis', mr leuke the pervert, mr. quaday, ms kwong, ms. briggs, nedlam!, play production, project 540, rennovations, snow days, swim team, the balcony, the big gym, the big k(klibansky), the courtyard, the dreaded fifth floor, the garage, the golden tornadoes, the small gym, the square, the weight room, tooney tornadoes, vending machines

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