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Mar. 7th, 2006 @ 06:11 pm (no subject)
It will be 5 years since I went to Malden High, but I'll be in New England next week and would like to go back and visit Mr. Lyons.

Is he still there?

As far as I've heard, Malden is filled with violance and oxicotins.
So all of you, quit that, now.

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Date:March 8th, 2006 02:04 am (UTC)
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I don't think anything could make Mr. Lyons leave our school. He's been there since my Mom and older siblings attended.

He's still there.
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Date:February 8th, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)


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Thats really not ture. And yes Mr. Lyons is still there. And don't believe everything you hear. Malden High School is actually a very great school. Im a senior there and yes every school has its problems but havn't you heard that malden was voted best place to raise your children in?